Quality of Products

At P&O Carpets we buy from whole sale and also direct from carpet manufacture. Buying carpets direct insures you the customer a great price compared to high street prices. As for quality buying a better carpet at a cheaper price ensures you a better feeling carpet and with our underlays gives you a truly wonderful experience and a long lasting carpet.

Most of our carpets are bleach cleanable, so you don’t need to worry. You can buy with confidence in the fact that your spill is not a problem.




Lets face it, no matter how hard you try to keep your carpet clean, before long that glass of wine or mucky paws are bound to get the better of it. However it doesn’t mean the end of your brightly coloured carpet, as we stock a complete range of bleach-proof products.

In the eventuality of you having a spill, you can relax in the knowledge that no stains will remain. All you need to do is wipe away excisting mess, then simply apply the bleach to the remaining stain and watch the results as your stain vannishes. Then all you do is dry up remaining bleach to show a stain free carpet. See video below: